• Mussels in a baby romaine lettuce salad bowl

Mussels in a baby romaine lettuce salad bowl

A refreshing snack – mussels, bell pepper, red onion and cucumber in a salad bowl made from baby romaine lettuce leaves

baby romaine lettuce
finely chopped bell pepper
red onion
for garnishing:
marinated radish

Cut the baby Romaine lettuce leaves about 2 cm from the bottom. This releases the outer leaves. The leaves can be used as edible ‘salad bowls’ Cut the rest of the baby romaine lettuce, the bell pepper, cucumber and red onion into thin strips. Season the sliced vegetables with the marinade from the mussels, mix and place onto the salad leaves. Top the salad mixture with the mussels and garnish with thin radish slices and herbs of choice.