• Mussels with marinated cucumber on black bread rusks

Mussels with marinated cucumber on black bread rusks

A crunchy snack – mussels folded into marinated cucumber slices with hollandaise sauce on black bread rusks.

black bread rusks
hollandaise sauce – recipe
marinated cucumber – marinade recipe
for garnishing:
marinated radish
bread crumbs
herb-infused oil

Cut the cucumber into thin strips with a length of about 15 cm using a peeling knife. Marinate the sliced cucumber (15 minutes in the marinade should be enough). Thinly slice the radish, marinate together with the cucumber. Stack two cucumber slices perpendicular to each other. Place the meat of two mussels in the centre perpendicular to each other.  Fold the cucumber slices together into a “package”. Pour ¼ tsp of hollandaise sauce on the bread rusk, then place the packaged cucumber on the sauce. Place the marinated radish slices on the cucumber, spray with herb-infused oil and sprinkle with some breadcrumbs.