• Snack with shrimp with dill mayonnaise sauce

Toasted black bread with shrimp and dill mayonnaise sauce

A great Estonian-style snack – shrimp with dill mayonnaise sauce on toasted black bread.

toasted black bread
dill mayonnaise sauce
boiled egg
marinated shrimp
fennel sprig for garnishing
marinated pearl onion
bread crumbs

Toast the black bread in a toaster, remove the crust and cut into four, then finely chop or crush the crusts. Boil the egg for about 6 minutes, leaving the yolk slightly runny. Cut the egg into 3 mm slices (e.g., using an egg slicer). Smear the bread with a bit of the shrimp marinade, add an egg slice and top with shrimp. Cut the pearl onion lengthwise into quarters, place between the shrimp, garnish with a dill or fennel sprig and sprinkle with bread crumbs.